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A Home for Music Education

Dear FriendsDonateNow,

What does music education mean to you? Does it mean a community of singers gathering to learn and sing together? Collaborating in a string quartet? Pursuing excellence in performance? Creating relationships between you and your child through song? Building character through community outreach? Whether it is any or all of these, music education is more than just notes and rhythms.front lawn

This is a pivotal year for music education in the Upper Valley. In September, UVMC moved to a permanent home on Colburn Park in downtown Lebanon. Hundreds of people came together to launch UVMC’s first Capital Campaign, which to date has raised $750,000 out of a total goal of $940,000. With this new facility, the Upper Valley gains a home for music education for generations to come.

Retire the mortgageThe final $190,000 of the Capital Campaign goes directly to retiring the mortgage for 8 South Park Street. This means that annual operating funds go to music education programs instead of interest payments. The sooner we meet this goal, the less interest we pay and the more music we make.

Make music in our new homeThe UVMC Annual Fund makes all of our programs possible. Without the Annual Fund, we would have a dark, empty building. From supporting our faculty to need-based Tuition Assistance, the Annual Fund keeps the lights on, the pianos tuned, and everyone going to their classes. The Annual Fund also supports the professional development program that allows faculty to pursue the life-long learning that we teach our students.

music together

Every gift of every size makes a difference. It is not only how much we raise, but how many people contribute that shows the importance of music education.

Nearly 900 students enrolled in 2016 – with your help this home for music education can be open to everyone.

What gift is right for you? It could be $10, $100 – maybe even $250? UVMC’s new home was built in 1815. We’ll give special recognition to anyone who donates $1,815 to the Annual Fund!

Thank you for all the music you’ve made, dollars you’ve donated, and hours you’ve volunteered. Bricks and a roof are important, but music and people are the things that truly make a home.

Let’s make music!

Warmest wishes,

Benjamin Van Vliet

Executive Director


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