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Vermont Suzuki Violins and Upper Valley Music Center


for Violin, Viola & Cello

Students of all levels




Nancy Lokken, Violin

Edmund Sprunger, Violin

Emily Rideout, Viola

Nancy Hair, Cello

Sara Bennett Wolfe, Cello

Orchestra for All Levels

& More!!!


Saturday, November 17


Richmond Middle School

63 Lyme Road,

Hanover, NH 03755


Directed by Pam Reit and Alicia Casey

Pam: pamreit@gmavt.net, 802-482-2163

Alicia:  caseyalic@gmail.com, 413-548-6079


Music Classes:


Mini-Private Lessons:

Students attend an hour of lessons, learning both from their own coaching and from watching others in their class.  There will be 2, 3 or 4 students per hour depending on your Suzuki book level. 


Suzuki Violin, Viola & Cello Group Classes:            

Repertoire lists will be sent in advance.

Each level of group will have a one hour class and then will perform at the Saturday 4:00 Concert.


Advanced Students (Approximately Book 6 & up):

Will have advanced group class, 2 per hour for Mini-privates and Advanced Baroque Chamber Orchestra.


Orchestras (For music readers in Books 1 – 5):

Meets for one hour and performs on the 4:00 concert.    


Rhythm Kids® by Music Together® (For music pre-readers):

An exciting one hour class for pre-note-readers including Games, Songs, Percussion instruments and musical fun for all.


Schedule & Fees:

Workshop for Vln, Vla, Cello, all levels :

Saturday 8:30 am to 5 pm  $145

This includes a mini-private lesson, group class, orchestra, pre-reading class, electives, and parent class.



Teachers are especially welcome and only asked to make a donation for all of the wonderful learning available.



Nancy Lokken, Violin; Minneapolis, MN


Edmund Sprunger, Violin & Parent Talk; St. Louis, MO


Emily Rideout, Viola & Baroque Specialist; Boston, MA


Lisa Lederer, Violin; Boston, MA


Nancy Hair, Cello; Boston, MA


Sara Bennett Wolfe, Cello; Norwalk, CT


Martha Bruce-Ellerman, Violin/Viola; Hinesburg, VT


Alicia Casey, Director, Violin/Viola; Lebanon, NH


Celine Du Temple, Violin/Viola; Lebanon, NH


Rachel Keyser, Violin/Viola; Winooski, VT


Benjamin Kulp, Cello; White River Junction, VT


Pam Reit, Director, Violin/Viola; Hinesburg, VT

Jennifer Turbes, Violin/Viola; White River Junction, VT


Benjamin Van Vliet, Violin/Viola; Lebanon, NH


Kathleen Kono, Orchestra; Shelburne, VT


Susan Reit de Salas, Art; Starksboro, VT


Katie Kitchel, Rhythm Kids® by Music Together®; Norwich, VT


Sheryl Kurland-Platt, Yoga; Warren, VT


Student Preparation:

Students bring a Polished Piece to the mini-private lesson.  Usually about 3 pieces before your Working Piece, it is chosen with your teacher and ready for performance.  We would like our workshop teachers to have the opportunity to add depth, beauty and excellence to your playing, not to work on notes and bowings.


Parent Responsibilities:

Parents are expected to attend the Suzuki workshop with their child and also to attend the Parent Talk.


Overnight Hosting & Traveling:

We will have many visiting students, parents and teachers from VT and other states.  All local UVMC students will be asked to host as many people as possible for Friday &/or Saturday nights, which will enrich the workshop experience by creating Suzuki connections.  Thank you for opening your doors and your hearts to our special visitors!


If you prefer to stay in a hotel, we have reserved a block of rooms at the ‘Fireside Inn’ in West Lebanon, NH. This includes a pool, free wifi & breakfast. Be sure to mention that you are with the UVMC VSV group for a discounted group rate. Contact Fireside Inn (603) 298-5900 or www.firesideinnwestlebanon.com Group discount rate is available until 11/1.


Because we are non-profit organizations, we are able to offer scholarships, based on financial need. Please consider a tax-deductible contribution. The tuition does not cover all of the workshop expenses (such as scholarships, space rental, printing, mailing, teacher travel, etc.) These are paid for by your

generosity and by fundraising.


Special thanks to Vermont Violins who will be on site during the workshop.


Testimonials from previous VSV-UVMC workshops:

From Teachers:

 “The teachers are exceptional and the schedule masterful.”

From Parents:

“Each ‘workshop’ has its own flair, all to bring us a piece of the greater Suzuki world.  We are all lucky.”

 “…I learned so much from each child in the mini-private lesson.”

“I learned that the center of all of this (teaching, playing, listening) is (or should be) Love-Joy!”

From Students

“…I learned that playing the violin is fun.”

“The orchestra was amazing.  It sounded so good…The orchestra was probably the best, even though everything was GREAT!”


This Year’s Highlights:


Group Class and Mini-Privates for all levels!


Baroque ensemble with Emily Rideout


Orchestra with Ms. Kathleen Kono


Parent Talk with Edmund Sprunger

author of “Helping  Parents Practice”


Rhythm Kids®  by Music Together® with Ms. Katie Kitchel


Yoga with Ms. Sheryl Kurland-Platt


Arts & Crafts with Susan Reit de Salas


4:00 Saturday Concert for All!